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7:41 PM | июл. 25, 2013
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Аноним - 10:30 AM | сен. 23, 2013  [ сообщение ]
big boy. Last season began to make a tsafrner rumours, then and coach Stan van gundy contradiction, and then the contradiction with the team management is more and more deep. No matter during the period of contradiction gossip Fried how fierce, at least Howard to management shows that his attitude: I want to go, you see fit. This clear statement, at least to the Orlando magic management enough time to go to work, even in the execution player contract option contract signed, let the magic can lose his also can utmost make up the loss, the Orlando magic to leave a pen can be rebuilt capital.James left comes so suddenly, the ESPN live way instant detonated the alliance, Howard left is like a lengthy beautiful play, from his deal is to expose to today finally complete the transaction and lasted for 244 days, after a long story, gave the fans a still can accept end. Howard left, and Anthony, Paul left basic same, they didn't give the team cause unprepared situation. At least, such leave way, whether the team or fans can accept, and not make like James so friendless that incur scariest. http://dyacfws.com [url=http://sotwybjghz.com]sotwybjghz[/url] [link=http://mshqbardmu.com]mshqbardmu[/link]
Аноним - 12:07 AM | сен. 21, 2013  [ сообщение ]
I have an idea for a post but lack the math skills to do it.The idea is can we <a href="http://msddxsm.com">aneswr</
a> the question Does good defense exist? This may seem obviously true, but I wonder if the data actually show that good defense exists.Consider all the in depth statistical analysis on this and other cites about how the hot hand does not exist. The big truth from that data, as I understand it, is that the results of any given shot are in no way correlated with the result of the shot before.Accepting that this is what the data tells us doesn't that mean that the common belief that lock down defenders exist is wrong? If lock defenders were real they should show up in the data and they would show up by creating a correlation where misses follow misses.likewise, if bad defenders exist, then you would expect the data to show a correlation where makes to follow makes maybe defense does not matter in predicting wins because defense does not actually exist? (or rather field goal % defense would not exist, ending possession defense through rebounds and steals could still exist and not show up in the shooting data )I am surely overstating this, but it seems a logical conclusion I would be thrilled to see an off-season post either supporting or refuting this.Here is the limit of my math skill imagine a season of 2 games, one against a lock down defender where a player goes 2-10, and one against a bad defender where the player goes 8-10. This player would expect [(7x8/9)+(2x1/9)]/10 = 64% of makes to follow makes and convserly for 64% of their misses to follow misses. I did not want to clutter one of your existing threads with this ridiculous hypothesis, but did not see an email us here' option
Аноним - 5:35 AM | сен. 20, 2013  [ сообщение ]
There are no words to describe how <a href="http://lmgxnvqlusx.com">bouadio
cs</a> this is.
Аноним - 12:03 PM | сен. 19, 2013  [ сообщение ]
Okay I take your point about Jim Sillars.However,Jim is no longer an avctie SNP member,He might not even be a member,although I am certain that he is still pro-independence.I think my point has been missed.It is,that while some SNP members(like me) would like full independence today,and others are happy with gradual progress towards full independence,the SNP are not advocating something called independence lite.Yes there are different views about how to progress towards full independence,but the SNP does not have a policy of giving up the aim of full independence.The idea that they are has been advanced by pro-unionist mainstream media and is definitely politically motivated.The motive is to damage the SNP,not to promote a scholarly debate on Scotland's future,or what independence would look like.The selective interviews with a chosen few (such as Jim Sillars who I highly respect),does not have the purpose of understanding,the aim is to promote the idea that the pro-independence movement is confused and split.As a member of the SNP since 1974,I have often been amused by mainstream media's attempts to analyse the aims and motives of the SNP.Of course some members (and former members) fluctuate between so called fundamentalism and gradualism,but all of them have the same end goal.The debate is about how best to achieve the end goal.Of course as the SNP become more successful and as the end goal becomes more achievable,members probably become more prepared to be patient.I can understand that since the SNP has grown from a minor party to a party of majority government,with a larger membership than the labour party.The consequence has been a growing confidence in the leadership.Many of us have also been encouraged by the fact that there is support for independence beyond the SNP.and that full fiscal autonomy is supported by a majority.All of this has probably contributed to the present mind set among SNP members.However,it has not resulted in a desire to accept an end goal that is short of the independence enjoyed by other EU countries,including my wife's country of Finland.